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The narrative report is a collection of information used to represent a company’s business, its market position, the used strategy, the performance and the future prospect. Occurred events, different detail and descriptions are usually the main focus of narrative reporting. The narrative report assign the presenter of the company to put the occurred events, that lead to any kind of compilation or problem, in a certain order. The main body of the essay will include a critical discussion of some key characteristics required for a good narrative report to be produced. It will also include critical discussion for the usefulness of narrative reports in the decision making of managers and shareholders. There is also a description of some of the most important characteristics for producing a good annual report. The public limited company used as an example for supporting the discussion in the essay is Anheuser-Busch InBev. The company is leader in beverage and brewing in the world with more than 25 percent global market share and as of March 2012 it is the largest fast-moving consumer goods company by firm value. (Anheuser-Busch InBev 2012 Annual Report)
The conducting of multiple studies in the last years provides us with information about the usefulness of corporate annual reports for investors. The evidences developed after the studies are conflicting one to each other, since they were conducted only among individual investors. (Anderson, 2012) The next sentences include discussion on the different findings obtained from the studies, such as investment objectives, information sources, readership and importance of sections contained in corporate annual reports, the desire for additional information and others.
The investment objectiv...

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...ribution of the company is helpful for the company’s reputation.

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