Essay Narrative Of Accompany Powerpoint Presentation

Essay Narrative Of Accompany Powerpoint Presentation

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Biology Presentation
Narrative to accompany PowerPoint presentation.

During growth, replication and division, chemicals from neighbouring cells create proteins that send signals to the developing cell. This differentiates the cell and determines which particular tissue it is to become. These chemicals also let the cells know when to stop replicating. Slide 1
Cells, Growth and Division
Slide 2
1, Growth.
As a child we need our cells to consistently divide because we are growing. Cell division is critical to ensure this growth. This growth continues until in our late teens when we are fully grown but cell division doesn’t stop there.
2, Repair and Maintenance.
Every time we injure ourselves, whether that be a cut, a fall that leaves us with a bruise or worse, our cells have to work hard to divide and repair whatever it is that we have hurt and needs repairing. Cells naturally die, with most having a specific timescale in which they live, this is dependent on the cell and the specific duty it is performing but most will die and need replacing, this ongoing maintenance of our bodies also require our cells to divide.
3, Reproduction.
The division of cells for the purpose of reproduction takes a slightly different path on its process of division and this process is called meiosis but for the first part of this presentation I will be covering just the non-reproductive cell division process. The process of Mitosis.

Slide 3
This is the first and one of the most important part of the division of our cells. Our cells spend most of their time in this stage. This is where replication of chromosomes occur. The cell grows and the organelles also get copied. Vital proteins get synthesised here for use during mitosis. Interpha...

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... is one of the ways that the signals get passed cell to cell, on cancer cells however these molecules are lost and this not only has the effect of no longer receiving the signals from healthy cells but it also means that at any time cells can become disconnected from the growth of cells it is holding onto and get moved around through the blood stream and begin to reproduce wherever it ends up. Causing cancer that can be difficult to locate.
Whenever normal cells get to the end of their usable life or a mutation is found a chemical gets sent to that cell to destroy itself, this ability to self-regulate is what keeps us fit and healthy. If you compare the cancer cell with this, the signals do not get sent through so there is no regulation of the amount of cells in the body and it is this rapid growth and the way it takes over the body that causes fatal implications.

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