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Narrative Essays: Hobbit Journal

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Day 2

The Hobbit starts off in a hobbit hole, one inside The Hill. Inside the hole lives Bilbo Baggins, whose story is told in third person omniscient. But as I was saying, Bilbo comes from a line of Bagginses who are respected and are expected to do anything out of the normal, for that they were respected. Then one day Gandalf, the wizard, comes to talk to him about an adventure. Bilbo resists because he is used to this lifestyle but Gandalf thinks otherwise. He leaves a symbol on the door which brings thirteenth dwarves and himself to the hole. One of the most important dwarves, Thorin, is the leader. His quest to regain their home, the Lonely Mountain. The chaos created in Bilbo’s home is quite insane, but he does not deny them entry because that would be rude. During the unexpected party, Gandalf reveals Bilbo is the fourteenth member and will specialize in burglary. Bilbo finally accepts the offer.
In the morning, the dwarves are gone but Gandalf is still there. He tells Bilbo that they have gone on their quest to destroy the evil dragon, Smaug, who overtook their homeland. With a sudden burst of interest, Bilbo runs as fast as possible to catch up. At his first show of actual skill, he met some very dull headed trolls. He gets caught by them trying to pickpocket them and gets the others found out as well. Gandalf comes back and tricks the trolls into staying out past dawn and then they turn into stone. The party is now free and pillage the troll cave for good, and much was found. The next morning they depart the cave and bury the gold. As they leave, Gandalf say he was scouting ahead and found out there were trolls near by and that’s how he knew he should’ve came back.

Day 3

Me: Hello, Bilbo. Today, I’ll be asking you a ...

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The dead have now been buried, and Dain is the King under the Mountain. The dwarves, elf, and human kingdoms are now at peace. Bard is the Master of Lake Town, and gives Bilbo a nice share of his treasure. Soon, it is time for Bilbo to go to his hobbit hole. They spend much of winter in Beorn’s home and then go on to Rivendell. There, Gandalf and Elrond exchange tales while Bilbo heals. The hobbit next learns the reason Gandalf left the company near Mirkwood was to ridden the forest of the Necromancer. Finally, Bilbo and Gandalf reach Bilbo’s hole but with a surprise. He has been presumed dead with house and items being auctioned. He does receive much of the items but will never again be viewed the same. The hobbits know see him as an outcast but he doesn’t mind. Now he has a wizard, elves, and dwarves coming to visit him and feels no need for the average hobbit.

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