Napoleon Bonaparte's Reign Essay

Napoleon Bonaparte's Reign Essay

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Founded on three fundamental principles of equality, fraternity and liberty, the French revolution spanned from 1789-1799. The revolution was really a historical landmark in the world for the massive bloodshed and intensity of the revolution. The country had been torn apart by political and religious strives which had persisted for a decade. After the revolution, the napoleon Bonaparte assumed power as the emperor. The revolution had begun due to the resentment of the feudalism, civil inequality and religious intolerance. It was geared towards the French establishment of a new political and social system where all people would enjoy equality before the law, government centralization, abolition of feudalism, religious tolerance and equality in access to careers. It was a struggle against inhumanity in a bid to create a favorable atmosphere where all human beings would exercise their rights and freedoms without any obstruction. Over the decade of the revolution, France did not have any centralized form of government but was stricken by serial upheavals and instability. It was until after the revolution that Napoleon discovered the need for a strong centralized state in order to consolidate the revolutionary advances in a bid to establish stability which had lacked for one decade. He sought to major upon the benefits of the revolution to steer France to the establishment of a stable foundation to institutionalize the gains therein by establishing a proper administrative framework. Napoleon came in as a shrewd administrator who would serve to convert the gains of the revolution and establish a humane French territory where the three principles of the revolution would be observed. I would argue that Napoleon was a champion in the Fren...

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... and pushed them to maturity with the exception of liberty. Napoleon was a very important factor in the revolutionary decade as well as the period immediately after the revolution: he steered France to the fruition of the principles of the revolution. (David. P. J. 2012),

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