Napoleon Bonaparte's Leadership and Life Essays

Napoleon Bonaparte's Leadership and Life Essays

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15th, 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica. Napoleon emerged as an important figure for reestablishing order in France. Unfortunately, Napoleon’s greed for power led to his fall. He began as a great military leader. He had many goals to organize France and make it a better empire, but the more he accomplished the more he wanted. He made political, economic and social changes in France. He was a determined man and would do anything to get what he wanted.
To begin with, Napoleon Bonaparte became the first consul of France. A plebiscite, vote of the people, was held to approve a new constitution in 1800. The people voted for the constitution, which gave all real power to Napoleon. While in charge, he stabilized France politically by supporting laws that would strengthen the power of the central government. His economic goals were establishing an efficient method of tax collection. Taxes are now collected from the poor and rich. This made it fair and the poor wouldn’t revolt. He also got rid of old corrupt officials and financial advisors. Napoleon strongly believed in education, so he spent most of the tax money on education and the military. He created lycees, which were government run public schools for all male students of any background. More knowledge meant more intelligent public officials and better strategic soldiers. Napoleon also signs the concordat, which is an agreement between the church and state to establish a new relationship. This restored church in France, but it had no power. People felt safer with the church back and Napoleon gained support of the majority of the French people. He also creates a comprehensive uniform system of laws that eliminated many injustices by feudal ...

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...ce’s enemies took the opportunity to attack while they are weak. Britain, Russia, Prussia and Sweden noticed that they had the advantage. They declared war. Germany decides to fight France in the Battle of Leipzig in October of 1813. Germany defeats France because most of the soldiers are inexperienced. In April of 1814, he surrendered his throne and was banished to Elba. Somehow he escapes and returns to France and becomes emperor again. He attacks the village of Waterloo in Belgium on June 18, 1815. He lost and now Britain sends him to St. Helena. He dies in exile in 1821.
In conclusion, Napoleon Bonaparte was an amazing leader, if only he knew when to stop and think of the consequences. He started out as a very determined leader who listened to the wants of the people, and then turns into a dictator who abuses his power and demolishes France’s empire.

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