Napoleon Bonaparte And The Civil Code Essays

Napoleon Bonaparte And The Civil Code Essays

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Napoleon Bonaparte is often seen as a tyrant, however; through Napoleon’s strong tactics and military leadership he led France through a time of great turmoil and provided the stability and guidance France so desperately needed. During his reign, Napoleon was able to bring an end to the French Revolution, a series of wars that had fractured the French at their core. After the resolution of the revolution, Napoleon developed the Civil Code or Napoleonic code to unite all of France under one governing law. The Civil Code blended the governing laws of the Roman law practiced in the South with the customary law practiced in the North. Through the Code, Napoleon brought unity to France, improved the rights and lives of citizens, and allowed for France’s own growth and development. The Civil Code is considered one of Napoleon’s greatest achievements. Napoleon himself stated, “My glory is not to have won forty battles, for Waterloo’s defeat will blot out the memory of as many victories. But nothing can blot out my Civil Code.” Napoleon believed he could and would unite France under the code and offer the strong governmental role France needed. Napoleon was able to unite and guide the French though his ways were questionable and often barbaric his reign pushed the French to greater power and sparked a new way of governing that is still implemented today.
French laws were constantly changing, this instability allowed for Napoleon to resolve and unify France through his own methods with greater ease. Voltaire once stated, in France the traveler changed the laws as often as he changed horses. Prior to the revolution, France practiced under multiple laws and each region even used their own customs to govern. The North and South provided the ...

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...ning laws of the North and South regions of France and created a one law for all. Through the Code, Napoleon brought unity, growth, and the right to citizens. The Civil Code is considered one of Napoleon’s greatest achievements. Napoleon believed he could and would unite France under the code and offer the strong governmental role France need. Napoleon’s determination to build and empire for himself proved to be beneficial to the fractured state of France. The Civil Code of Napoleon was able to do the impossible of consecrating the achievement of the revolution and promote Napoleon’s authority and his plan for the French Empire. The Civil Code and the leadership of Napoleon have forever changed the governing actions of France. From fractured to united, republic to empire, broken to thriving: through the words and guidance of Napoleon the great empire of France emerge

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