Essay about Naomi Klein : The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism

Essay about Naomi Klein : The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism

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Naomi Klein is a well-known Canadian Journalist that has written for The Rolling Stone, The Guardian, New York Times and many other well-known publishing companies. Naomi Klein is also a well-known writer of the books This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate (2014). This book debates about climate change and how it is not an issue that should be as ignored as it is. Fixing the issue will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve conditions it will also help in economic ways (Klein 2014). A restoration of our connection with nature will make us appreciate that which we have found a way to numb (Klein 2014). Naomi also talks about the green projects that are making an impact, those that are not and how we are changing fossil fuel extractions from destructing communities (Klein 2014).
Another book Naomi wrote is The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, this book is about the unknown of the global free market, how it is not what it appears to be, how money has manipulated it and the falsified information it releases to the public ( Klein 2007). The war in Iraq, the oil reserves, the War on Terror, the devastating disasters and many other events led people to believe information that played on their emotions while slowly destructing the planet (Klein 2007).
Additional well-known book is No Logo. No Logo is a book about our society and how our culture is based on capitalism and corporate branding (Klein 2000). We have become a culture that wants the best that wants it all that wants it now. On top of all the problems we are facing we are also a nation that is heavily influenced by branding and advertisements, everything we own from our iPhone our cars and pretty much everything in our life is in a way...

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...n and a growing one that hopefully people are starting to catch on to, we caused this damage to ourselves it is our responsibility to fix it to work on ourselves.
Naomi Klein time after time helped create awareness to current issues. Her inspiration to others in regards to climate chance leads to awareness which makes for a greener society. More people are being aware of what big corporations are doing. For example during crisis many buildings are rebuilt but now using green technology, although most of it is for profit making people have spoken for more environmentally friendly proposals (Corbett 2014). This includes buildings and new living corridors that not only provide adequate living arrangements but they also focus on creating a greener society (Corbett 2014). This new green investment allows people to live comfortably within the planets limits. (Klein, 2000)

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