Nanotechnology Applied to Computing Essay

Nanotechnology Applied to Computing Essay

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The nanotechnology has great potential to become the key technology in the coming decades. The nano-manipulation techniques or nanotech scale control and even atomic-molecular or be present in all fields of science and imply, according to experts, a revolution.

The future development of this technology, such as three-dimensional micromachining, microsensors, nanostructured materials and microelectromechanical systems, apply both to the computer, to the production of medicines or materials development tiniest ever day. In all the countries situated at the head of technological development, are becoming more and more relevant research of nanotechnology applied to various fields such as aeronautics and space, communications and media, biomedicine or the process control industry. In fact, the Clinton administration announced last year, the National Nanotechnology Initiative, a budget of 422 million dollars .

Nanotechnology applied to computing

Things have changed a lot since the first electronic computers . The ENIAC I was developed at the University of Pennsylvania in 1945 was composed of more than 70,000. resistors , 18,000 capacitors and 10,000 valves; weighed 30,000 Kilos and occupied 1,300 square meters .

But the discovery of the chip, in the mid-seventies, has reduced, fortunately for all , the size of computers. The first technology used 486 micron (millionth of a meter). Until recently, traditional technology used Pentium 0.35 and 0.25 microns. The more models moderns have reduced this value to 0.18 microns, and most recently, Intel and AMD have announced the 0.13 micron technology.

According to some studies, computing power will come to a standstill in 10 years, because the size of the transistors can not ...

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...el through space or nano known as NANOSAT , a development project of a Spanish nanosatellite, launched in 1995 .

The NANOSAT part of a concept devised in the INTA and whose management and construction is done entirely in Spain, based on a new design philosophy: smaller, more powerful, faster, with a given specific application, with higher performance and lower power consumption . Success in this groundbreaking project can make a significant Spanish presence in the future "small revolution in space."

Nanotechnology for environment

Nanotechnology could be saving technology on the planet Earth, which would be aided by the creation of new materials, durable and able to not pollute. In production processes generate no waste, raw materials could be manufactured from components without generating toxic byproducts, and the inexhaustible solar energy would take advantage.

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