Nanjing Massacre: True or Flase Event? Essay

Nanjing Massacre: True or Flase Event? Essay

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Japan has not always had the best economics. When the World War I ended, the demand for military products vanished. In 1929, Japanese factories were shut down and an abundance of people lost their jobs. Along with the crisis going on in Japan, the United States was going through there own economic problems. When the stock market crashed in the United States, it also reduced the purchases that the Americans usually made on Japan’s goods. Japan had a difficult time feeding everyone during a mass starvation that was caused by the crash in the stock market. Japan believed that they needed more and new territory to end this starvation, and the population was expanding. (Chang 25).

In the 1930’s, the Japanese government wanted to create a better society. The Japanese government got the idea for a military dictatorship. The dictatorship would limit personal savings, nationalize property, and take over Asia. The people within the government all shared similar goals. They all wanted to overtake society, along with getting rid of any economic and political obstacles that would stop them from conquering Asia. The Japanese realized that if they wanted total control of China they needed to act fast. But, China changed from a diminishing empire to a national republic that was struggling. Also, in 1911 the rebel armies conquered the Qing forces and ended more than two centuries of Manchu rule. In the 1920’s the Nationalist, who were ruled by Chaing Kai-Shek, fought warlords and unified China. All of these actions made China a lot more powerful. The Japanese realized that they needed to interfere soon, so the Japanese military began interfering with Chinese affairs. The Japanese murdered Chang Tsolin, a warlord rule...

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...ver the atrocities that the Chinese people encountered; the authorities censored most of it. In December there was an article written about a game the Japanese soldiers would play. It was how many Chinese people can you kill with your sword. The Japanese neglected to mention the terror they caused in China, and nearly made it seem as if it never existed; or as if they weren’t terrorizing. A decade had past since the massacre, and yet officials still claimed it never happened. (World History in Context) In 1982, the Japanese news reported that the Education Ministry asked the authors of Japanese educational textbooks to revise and modify the Nanjing Massacre. The authors revised the textbooks, and stated that it was not an invasion; it was nearly just an advance. (New York Times) The revisions that the author made are 100% false, and they did invade China.

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