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Namely Mirambo the African Ruler Essay

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Namely Mirambo, was born in Uyowa in East and Central Africa in between 1870 and 1880, the son of the Mtemi clan an ordinary person but later his name was spread over shore of Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. His father was Kasanda, son of Mtula and Mtula was son of Mgandu and Mgandu was son of Mlolwa. Mirambo was determined to build a large army to capture more countries and spread his authority wider, his name called Mbula. The name Mirambo had not yet been given to him.

Mirambo was very tall, he was brown and stooped slightly, he is one of the most handsome Africans. His body appears to be composed entirely of muscle, brownish, his height is above average. He is no smoke or drunk.

Firstly he attacked Bunzali, he was yet in experienced in war. He call a mighty man called Mwana Magonho to teach Mbula the art of war. Mbula demonstrated his skill by killing many people. When the mighty man saw this he was surprised and he gave the name Mirambo to him. From that day Mbula was known by the name of Mirambo and his people began to be called Warambo.

Mirambo’,s soldiers were given the name of ruga-ruga. The ruga-ruga’,s weapons were guns and pistols. All these weapon came from the eastern coast. Mirambo used to send rich trader to go with elephant tusks and exchange them for guns and powder. The Arab of the eastern coast used to barter guns and gunpowder for ivory.

When Mirambo went with his army to sack a settlement, he approached carefully, when he was near he gave the order to the rugaruga to attack. Mirambo himself with his guards threw themselves into the battle. Men were killed, women were taken prisoner and sent to Urambo to be married off. Young men were taken and devided into groups, that is to learn the art o...

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...lness of the throat which he had had for long time. When he saw that his illness was getting worse he sent people to call Father Lourdel to bring him medicine. But when the Father arrived he found Mirambo already dead in his camp since the previous day. A Protestant Missionary called Charles Stokes mentions the illness and even the actual date of Mirambo’,s dead. At the time Stokes was working for the Church Missionary Society.

Mirambo dead on Tuesday, the 2nd of December 1884 of acute laryngitis. He dead at the seat of the war in which he was engaged in reducing one of his chiefs who had rebelled for some years. Mirambo died when he was between the age of 44 and 54 or in his prime.

Although Mirambo had built up an empire between the great lakes Victoria and Tanganyika he had no time to establish his rule. He died before he had time to set up a lasting empire.

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