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The Myths of Creation Essay

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When the modern person ponders the formation of human beings, our mind automatically goes to Adam and Eve, whom were the first man and woman created by God according to the Book of Genesis. Before there was Adam and Eve, diverse cultures came up with myths about the construction of humans. These myths included: “The Song of Creation” from the Rig Veda, An African Creation Tale, From the Popol Vuh, and A Native American Creation Tale “How Man Was Created” Each one of these legends gives a diverse perspective on the creation of human beings.
A Native American Creation Tale “How Man Was Created” tells a story of a Mohawk Indian known as Sat-kon-se-ri-io or the “Good Spirit.” The Mohawks believed that he produced all of the creatures and placed them on earth to live and burgeon. It was said that he felt something was still missing and decide to make a creäture that resembled him. He did this by going to the river, gathering some clay and crafting a man out of it. He then placed the clay into the fire but eventually fell asleep. When he finally woke up, he found the clay man scorched black, which is said to be the first African. This did not gratify the Good Spirit so he repeated the process a second time going to sleep again. When he awoke this instance, the clay man was insipid and under cooked; this was the first white man. Still not pleased with the outcome, he did it one more time. For the third endeavor, the Good Spirit made sure he didn’t fall asleep. When he removed the third man from the fire he was said to be “just right” he was red a man, he was the first Mohawk Indian.
This fable, created by the Mohawk Indians proposes that they believed in one higher power that created the world. It also implies they beli...

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...h and its people.
Unlike “The Song of Creation” from the Rig Veda, the Popol Vuh thought the earth and humanity were birthed from spiritual gods. The Mayans believed in several higher powers and lionized them all. Both cultures had their individual views on how the earth was formed, who were the first humans, and who created them. This contradiction builds on the many aspects of today’s reality and how did it all begin.
All in all, every culture and religion has their personal beliefs on human civilization and how the earth was produced. The most frequent belief modern day of the first humans, is the story of Adam and Eve. There is a plethora of theories, but none that are one hundred percent accurate. If you ask me, scientist will never know how earth came about and they will never identify who the first humans were. Every “story of creation” is a myth.

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