Essay on Myths, Folktales, Legends and other Rubbish

Essay on Myths, Folktales, Legends and other Rubbish

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At first, I will try to differentiate the terms, although the borderlines are somewhat fluent. One thing should be common: These stories are not about historical facts or true events. If that would be different, they would not be myths, folktales or legends.

Storytelling is a common feature in all cultures. Most people enjoy stories, true or untrue. Consequently, this has created the storytellers and they have balanced the demand and supply from the beginning of civilization.

The myths have a religious or occult background and have their focus on prehistoric times, along with the inventing of mythical creatures and demons. They try to explain to us the origin of the earth. On top of that, the poets have dreamed up all kinds of gods.

The folktales, very similar to the myths, are said to have a central message. They are dealing to a lesser extend with the gods, but tend to refer more to heroes of flesh and blood. Based on oral transmission, they sell us incredible events, yet after all with a claim to truth slightly above the fairy tales.

Legends pretend to be more factual reports. They have been communicated over the centuries and adapted or changed to the spirit of the time, whenever they were passed on in their more befitting style.
All together, the myths, folktales and legends are an important part of our mental foundations and our culture, despite the fact that – to a large degree – they are mostly plain bullshit. Nevertheless, they had great influence on human society and still influence our thoughts and actions to this day.

Facts are facts, but unfortunately often twisted. When the facts are twisted – we call it ‘spinning’ in the political arena – it becomes an art, as the spider has created an intrica...

... middle of paper ...

...opulation rather believe in the versions of our ancestors, which have explained in an easier way where flashes and rainbows come from.

We want to know exactly what has happened about 4 billion years ago when the life on Earth has developed, and a simple ‘I don’t know’ is not accepted. There must always be a distinct explanation and if there is none, we are making it up.

There is an old Egyptian saying that among all sorts of grass, the papyrus plant is growing the highest. In the early days, it wanted to run away and avoid to be inscribed with ancient Egyptian myths, and as it has no legs, it shot upwards.

‘Literature’ comes from the Latin word ‘litterae’ (plural for letter). In the case of Greek or Roman myths, we should better spell it ‘litterature’– deriving from the word ‘litter’ – rubbish carelessly dropped or left about, especially in public places.

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