Myths Are Common Among The Human Race Essay

Myths Are Common Among The Human Race Essay

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The commonsense knowledge can be seen as something we learn while growing up that should be common among the human race. Something for example that determines right from wrong. You can say, it is common sense not to jump in that man hole because you would get hurt or it is common sense not to pet a lion. These are just things people should already know that should be used in everyday life.
Now, unlike commonsense knowledge being used in your everyday life experiences, myths, which would be a falsely made stories or fairy tales, aren 't used in everyday life situations. Myths are stories people pass on down for generations, a story that is supposed to be magical or an opinion someone comes up with and passes it along as a true story. Some might say that if your stomach is shaped a certain way while pregnant then you would have a boy or girl. These people share those experiences with other pregnant women and swear on their life that they will have a boy or girl based on that shape. So as we can see, myths don 't have any scientific proof behind them, they are just fables people wan...

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