Myths And Myths Of The Modern World Essay

Myths And Myths Of The Modern World Essay

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Throughout the past centuries BC, people had a different outlook of different situations of which we have today. In the modern world, one is faced with science and as a result some people are denying religious beliefs and traditions. Thus, the true origins of religion are myths.
The roots of Myths develop from acient Greece and Rome, they used to be the spirtual beliefs people used to follow and believe; now myths are considered to be very poetic and relative to human circumstances. However, when studdying myths, the prominent idea that is shown to be reppetitive is that gods have absolute control over mankind. As one can see, according to the Roman and Greek myths studied this semester, people have no control over their destiny due to gods punishing, deciding people’s life outcomes, and influencing individual’s thoughts and actions.
First, people have no control over their destiny because gods punish. Gods punishing individuals is a common feature shown in various myths. Gods punishing people depicts how they control mankind, leaving indidivuals with no power. For instance, an example of a story which shows gods punishing people is in the myth “Arachne.” In this story, it is about a young female character Arachne who is a skilled weaver yet, very arrogant and disrespectful. However due to her proudful attitude, she is punished by goddess Minerva, who later transformed Arachne to a spider. As on can see gods over look talent and punish individuals, leaving the person with no options other than the ones the gods provide. Another example, that is shown gods punishing people is in the myth“Prometheus and Pandora.” This myth is about the revenge of Zues, how demands the creation of a woman Pandora as a tool of r...

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...s deeply in love. Resulting in Afrodite converting the statue to a human, creating a relationship between Pygmalion and the beautiful women. Therefore, emphezing how people have no control over their destiny due to gods influencing their thoughts and actions.
Nonetheless, myths portray gods as a dominant figure controling humanity. Morever, what myths depict is gods punishing, deciding people’s life outcomes, and influencing individual’s thoughts and actions. Gods punishing people depicts how they control people, leaving indidivuals with no power. Gods deciding the outcome of individuals lives, not permitting people to have a option to finalize a decided outcome. Gods influencing people’s thoughts and actions, not allowing individuals to have their own thoughts or actions. That is to say that, gods were vital to the myths, demonstarting complete power over humans.

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