The Myths About A Career Essay

The Myths About A Career Essay

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15 Top Myths about a Career in Psychology

The world outside of psychology has forever been intrigued with exactly what clinicians within the field do. Assumptions run amok regarding awesome powers of mind-reading and other science fictional techniques. If you’re a psychology student, you have no doubt already encountered regular and, sometimes, far-fetched guesswork others have about your career choice. Below are some of the top misconceptions people usually have about psychology careers and a response you can use to set the record straight.
1. Seeing a therapist is just like having someone to listen to you. You can get that for free.
Contrary to popular belief, psychologists and mental health therapists’ jobs are not just about listening. True enough, listening is an important part of therapy, but therapists apply all sorts of techniques depending on their clients’ needs. Venting frustrations and negative emotions can be cathartic (which is a Greek word for “purge”) for those in therapy. However, in order to incite change therapists assist their clients with developing healthier coping strategies and other skills that good listening on its own simply can’t do.
2. Psychology isn’t a legitimate science.
Psychology is, indeed, a science. Researchers within the field follow the scientific method to test specific hypotheses. Revolutionary experiments are conducted to help us better understand how our brains function, why we make the friends that we do, and how trauma affects us. In addition to research, psychologists use evidence-based approaches to diagnose and treat patients and standardized tests to assess clients’ personality and intelligence.
3. Psychologists claim that all of your problems are rooted in your childhood.

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.... Learn more here. If you know someone with an untreated mental disorder, urge them to get help today.
14. You can be a therapist with a bachelor’s degree.
Unfortunately, a prerequisite to conducting mental health therapy is graduate training either resulting in a master’s degree or doctorate. Individuals with bachelor’s degrees have not undergone enough training. This is why we urge you to at least consider earning your masters in psychology from one of our featured programs.
15. Psychologists don’t play well with others.
Many people wrongly assume psychologists are at odds with other mental health providers. In reality, psychologists regularly work with interdisciplinary teams such as with psychiatrists, social workers, nutritionists, police officers, and lawyers. They may receive a great deal of referrals through working with practitioners from other disciplines.

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