Mythology Is The Handmaid Of Literature Essay

Mythology Is The Handmaid Of Literature Essay

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To quote the outstanding American writer Thomas Bulfinch: “For mythology is the handmaid of literature; and literature is one of the best allies of virtue and promoters of happiness” (BrainyQuote). While Bulfinch does make a large point about literature as a whole, mythology still has and still continues to play a crucially influential part of society. It is through myths such as Pantheon mythologies, that the Pantheon’s followers are impacted from the common morals throughout these myths. In Pantheon myths, recurring motifs that gave suggestions to societies include: a stereotypical hierarchy of men and women, the family relationship atmosphere among deities, and how lesser gods and goddesses are oftentimes forgotten or punished for their actions.
Among the Pantheon myths, there is oftentimes a hierarchy of men and women deities with their respective stereotypical characteristics. This qualities are often found to be brought down from the supernatural mythologies and represented throughout the cultures who follow them. For example, within the largely-known Greek Mythological Pantheon of the old ages, there are many different gods and goddesses with their respective traits. Most of these traits today would be seen as stereotypical, but during the Ancient Greek times the traits were seen as a commonality. Mutually, the women goddesses have love, compassion, and beauty as their traits; such as the myth of beautiful Aphrodite (Leeming, 99). While male gods have strength, aggression, and courage among their attributes; similar to the expansive myth of mighty Zeus (Leeming 98). The creation of these representations early on suggests to us that ancient cultures, such as the Greek, began to think of men being the more dominant, elevated...

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...aning. Being able to accept your differences, even though they may be punishable, and working something for the better with your outcasted flaw is something to be taken away from these myths.
In all, myths of mythological pantheons provide a great example for societies today. When followers of the respective myth believe and understand their pantheons, they are able to implement the morals of the myth towards their daily lives. The most common morals found in pantheon myths are similar among one another, with the following motifs being easily seen and understood: the conventionalized difference between females and males, representation of family among deities, and minor deities are often abandoned or chastened for something that they have done. It is through these concepts and their understanding that these old world myths are still applicable to today’s societies.

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