The Mythology And Mythology Of The Earth Essay

The Mythology And Mythology Of The Earth Essay

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During this astronomy course, I have learned many facts pertaining to the planets in our solar system. The information that I have found the most interesting however is the legends and mythology that encompasses the planets themselves. Every planet has a story that in some way connects it with another. In a sense all of the planets gave rise to another.
Starting with our own planet Earth which is represented in Greek mythology by the great goddess Gaia also known as mother earth. She was believed to have created the universe and was responsible for giving birth to the first humans. Gaia was also accredited for creating the heavens and the stars and from these the god of the sky Uranus was formed.
Uranus was not only the child of Gaia (Earth), but later her husband as well. Together they created their sons the Titans and the Cyclops. Uranus or father of the sky had many children with Gaia. It is said that Uranus despised his children and locked them up inside the Earth’s core. This caused great emotional pain for their mother, so she ask her son Cronos (Saturn) to rise and fight against his father. Cronos used a special diamond sickle that Gaia had made to sever Uranus’ genitals to which Saturn threw into the sea and became the new ruler of the Gods.
Saturn’s mythology stems from Uranus and Earth as they were his parents. Saturn along with his brothers and sisters rose up against Uranus and took over his reign. Saturn was known as the god of agriculture and harvest. Saturn had six children all of which he ate while they were just newborns. He did so because he believed the children would try to overthrow him like he had done to his father. Saturn’s wife Rhea gave birth to his last child “Zeus” and came up with...

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...e being the woodpecker and the other a wolf. The woodpecker is special to Mars because he thought that it embodied courage and spirit. The bird is also thought to protect a special herb that through its medicinal powers of healing can treat a females reproductive organs. This particular herb can only be picked at night and if a person tries to obtain it at any other time of the day the woodpecker would peck out their eyes. The wolf is also beloved by Mars. Mars believed that the wolf found his infant sons in the woods and breastfed them herself.
In astronomy when studying planets, we can sometimes forget the mythology behind these celestial bodies. We are so focused on the scientific facts such as the planet’s density, mass and rotation we bypass some of other details. It is nice to look away from the obvious and focus just on the legends and past beliefs.

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