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The Myth Of The Universe Essay

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Before science, in ancient times people used creation myths to explain the origin of the universe. Since we humans are and always have been very curious creatures, at all times we always needed explanations and answers about the universe. These early humans made stories and creation myths to appreciate where their precious resources and where they, “ came from.” Since creation myths and stories do not have any scientific backing, with people using only what they know of, these are called, “masks”. “Masks,” refer to what humans perceive the universe of vs. what it actually is.
There are many creation myths about the origin of the earth, why it is round and not flat, why it is three fourths water, etc. One creation myth is about coyote and earth maker. Coyote had concerns about the earth being an unstable world if it was flat, therefore earth maker made the earth round. Coyote also makes the earth shift time to time by pulling a rope. This is trying to explain the orbit of the earth. Then earth maker gave humans songs to sing, and built a house in the middle of the earth, and sits there and watches over us. These Native Americans must have believed and worshiped earth maker as their god. They believe that earth maker is there to take care of their needs and watch over them always.
Another creation myth is Turtle Island (Maidu), which again explains how the earth was created and why it is mostly all water. In the beginning it is dark with no stars or sun, and there is only water. Turtle had asked Earth Initiate for dry land, so humans could survive when Earth Initiate made them. Earth initiate agreed to help turtle and lowered turtle into the water with a rope to grab land. It took turtle six years, and when he finally came up he ...

... middle of paper ... believe that Native American creation myths should be highly respected and kept around since they were our original indigenous people. Myths do not only reveal culture and traditions. They also reveal the hopes, dreams and beliefs of those who worshiped the hero’s in these myths. These myths also teach us to remember and appreciate the little things. It teaches us to remain humble such as the Native Americans where, and how they always appreciated what little they had. Even though we have busy lives and because of others, our lives are easier today. Thanks to things like technology, transportation, and everyday things that make our lives more convenient, we sometimes forget to take a break and appreciate nature. Sometimes we forget to appreciate green grass, our oceans, rain, and even sunshine. We take these things for granted, and myths remind us to stay humble.

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