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What seems to lead Jung to these strange beliefs of the spiritual forces that are produced because of the psyche and the transcendent is difficult to explain in psychological terms. As Jung states in the Modern Man in Search of the Soul, the spontaneous activity produced by the psyche often become so intense that vivid pictures are seen and voices are heard. Jung believed that our dreams are integrating our conscious and unconscious lives in which guidance takes place. The source of the symbols that take place in dreams, cannot be shown in our consciousness. Some of the images that are produced in our dreams stem from outside of the images of our life. Not all of the images from our dreams are things created from the “I”. Some images present are derived from an outside source but do not assume that you can exhaust meaning of the dream. Jung is interested in the understanding of the large archetypal images which are shown within dreams. The contents presented in our psyche are real such as symbols, imagery, meanings and other personal matter. What could these images have come from externally? Which is why Jung leads to explain the contain produced from the outside because our psyche contains something like a “spiritual principle.”
Jung mentions that the “spontaneous activity” of the psyche is the manifestation of the spirit. In order to understand transcendence we need to understand psychic objectivity. The psyche produces its own dimension of experience and it need to be studied in its own objective way. In order to relate psychic things with claims of divinity- we need to need to approach from a psychological and theological point of view. The act of transcendence cannot be separated from the spirit.
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...ts to believe that artist and potentially humans have a direct link to the divine. I feel as if Jung 's beliefs undermine the true skill that is needed to create exceptional art. Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest artist of all time and the artwork that he produced were not because of external spiritual or divine forces but his skill. Starting at early age 7, Picasso was learning and refining his craft of painting from his father who was a professor of fine arts. I believe that Picasso did not tap into the divine to produce his artwork but as a result of conditioning he is able to create these masterpieces. Picasso was able to think in such a unique way to create revolutionary art movements such as cubism because his experience shaped his skill and thought. Picasso artistry could be explained by how he grew up which was in an extremely creative environment.

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