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Every culture has a different story of their origin. Each story varies in setting, main characters, and religious aspects. Although the stories are different, the sole purpose is the same for each – to explain how each civilization came to be. In order for a civilization to fully understand their past, they must critically break down the components of their origin story. Creation stories establish appropriate relationships within society by the revelation of the punishment laid out by the gods on unsatisfactory vassals, the importance of a hero figure, and the exposure of human survival based on nature.
Failure to fulfill one’s duty on Earth could acquire drastic reprimands from the gods above. In The Gilgamesh Epic, the city of Shurippak was not fit in the gods’ eyes. The humans messed up the gods’ creation, so the gods decided to essentially wipe the slate clean to put everything back in order. The gods sent “a destructive rain (Epic 10)” on to the city of Shurippak. In a like manner, the Ancient Egyptians faced a similar fate. The Nile River inundated annually, which caused unbelievable havoc to the agriculture of the Egyptians. Also, if the humans below did not please the gods above, “then the faces of men waste away (Hymn 21).” The men and women on Earth needed to ensure the pleasure of the gods, or else the Egyptian fate would be that of Shurippak’s. Punishment of the Aryan people differed from the Mesopotamians and Egyptians – the Aryan savior, Indra, was the source of punishment. Indra took away the wealth of the enemy, killed great sinners, and gave no pardon to the arrogant men (Who is Indra? 44). The Aryan people were safe from total annihilation, but Indra removed the bad seeds from Earth. The humans placed on Earth n...

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...e Nile. The whole Egyptian society needed the Nile in order to survive. The Nile added prosperity to Egyptian lands and when the Nile would flood “all that exists is in anguish (Hymn 21).” The Egyptians relied on the Nile to not destroy their crops and their food supply by floods. Mount Nisir, thunderbolts, and the Nile are all parts of nature that define the fate of human survival.
Creation stories have a deeper meaning than just a story of creation. The stories are symbols passed on to generation to generation that show the relationships between the divinity, humans, and nature. Civilizations are able to learn about their ancestors, their saviors, the perils of the past, and how to please their gods. Everyone deserves to know where they came from and how to live the life they are given to the max whilst on Earth. A creation story is, in essence, the book of life.

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