Essay on The Myth Of Mythology Of Perseus

Essay on The Myth Of Mythology Of Perseus

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The study and telling of Classical Mythology has endured throughout the ages. The many myths of classical Gods and Heroes have been told and retold from generation to generation, not only through word of mouth but also through various written accounts. However, in saying this, it is also quite apparent that these stories have changed various aspects to suit the generation in which the story is told. One major example of this is the myth of Perseus. When comparing ancient myth of Perseus to modern day adaptations, like those of Clash of the Titans, it is clear that many aspects of the myth has transcended through the ages; however, other aspects have been reshaped significantly to conform to the values of the current generation.
First of all, there are many similarities between the ancient myth of Perseus and the myth of Perseus in contemporary culture. Firstly, at the beginning of the myth, Perseus and his mother Danaë, was placed in a chest by Danae’s father Acrisius. Similarly, this same event is clearly depicted in Clash of the Titans during the opening scenes of the movie. Secondly, Perseus visits the Graeae in both versions. The Graeae were daughters of Phorcys, sisters of the Gorgons, and old women from birth who shared one eye and tooth between them. The Graeae told Perseus how he could defeat Medusa, whose head he was in search of. Thirdly, the appearance of Medusa was similar in both works. In Pindar’s Pythian Odes Ten it is said that:
“Danaë’s son joined the company of blessed men… And he slew the Gorgon and came bearing the head with hair of writhing snakes, for the islanders a stony death.”
Likewise, Clash of the Titans represents Medusa as having a head with hair made of writhing snakes. With that being sai...

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...s values change from generation to generation, so too must myths. Today, entertainment is the major reason to watch or listen to anything, therefore a film like Clash of the Titans must be action packed, have beautiful/handsome characters, and must be believable to an extent to viewers. In ancient times, it was believed that heroes truly roamed the earth and that the gods still had a presence, therefore it was easier to conceive the ideas presented in such ancient myths.
Clearly, ancient myths and contemporary myths share many similarities but also have many differences. This is easily seen when you compare the ancient myth of Perseus to that of its contemporary version Clash of the Titans. Although, Clash of the Titans maintains some aspects of the original myth of Perseus it changes others to suit the need for action filled entertainment in contemporary culture.

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