Essay The Myth Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

Essay The Myth Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein is also known by its alternative name; The Modern Prometheus. Victor Frankenstein’s punishment for bestowing fire (life) upon the lifeless is torment and life long suffering. In the end, more lives were lost due to his impure manufacture of life (Lutrell 17). Prometheus is known for stealing a flame from the gods and giving it to mankind. Frankenstein is seen as a modern image of the ancient myth. Prometheus, the Greek God, and Victor Frankenstein, the creator of the monster, have contrasting qualities and behaviors that allowed them to go against their gods, to create life, then to be punished by the hands of their creations.
Prometheus, a Greek Titan, was severely punished by Zeus for stealing a flame from the gods as well as tricking the gods out of the best portion of meat during their feast; giving these to mankind instead. “Zeus ties the titan to the rock, drives a wedge through his chest, and sets an eagle on the daily task of eating his liver from his body” (Lutrell 17). At night the liver grows back, allowing the eagle to be able to do this every day for what was suppose to be for the rest of eternity. It wasn’t until centuries later that Zeus sends Hercules to kill the eagle and releases Prometheus from the rock (Lutrell). Prometheus helped his creations, never abandoning them. Prometheus only provided them with the best care he possibly could, even willing to risk eternal punishment to make sure mankind was able to benefit and survive. His attempts to better the lives of his creations brought him into direct conflict with Zeus. Prometheus aided humanity through his various acts of kindness towards mankind while rebelling against the gods at the same time.

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...n his creation, similar to how Prometheus did, he may have been able to help his creation live in that world but because he didn’t his creation ended up resenting him, and made sure that he suffered from his decisions.
Frankenstein is considered the modern Prometheus because his actions resemble those of Prometheus. Frankenstein bestows fire (life) on his creation just as Prometheus bestowed fire to mankind. Both of them enlighten their creations, whether it be with life or with fire, but then abandoned their creations, forcing them to make due with what they had. Both suffered the consequences of their actions, they overreached and took on this divine power that was meant for only the gods, suffered at the hands of their creations while feeling that their punishment was unjust. Both Prometheus and Frankenstein have contrasting qualities that bring them together

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