The Myth Of Black Violence Essay

The Myth Of Black Violence Essay

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Recently it has been commonly said that America is making progress to reach racial equality, and it is believed that soon the treatment of the whole population will be equal regardless of one’s race. Although, in the academic and artistic circles, racial equality is very doubtful and not a consensus. In the photograph above, a black man is being assaulted by a white cop during a peaceful protest that happened in London for race equality. While the aggression happens, the other cops just look at it without acting, as if it was normal and they were not liable for their actions. The photograph can be interpreted in different ways, but one main question comes up when analyzing it: How does the violence used by the police to oppress the black protester reflects and represents the idea of racism in popular culture in America?
According to Evan Stark, author of the academic article "The Myth of Black Violence”, the hope for equality in the treatment of both races cannot be supported by statistics, since the treatment of black people by the police is still more violent than the treatment of whites. He explains that the rates of arrests of black people are still higher than the rates of arrests of white people in America, but the black do not commit the majority of crimes (Stark 487). The misbelief of supposing that America is becoming more equal is because the United States has passed through moments of deeper segregation, such as the Civil War, and now the segregation is mildest, therefore the population tends to believe that the treatment of both races is equal, although it is not (Stark 488). The author explains that the abuse of drugs, the epidemic teenage pregnancy, and the majority of households that are headed by women are very lik...

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... United States and can be even considered common sense. This is because black people are the major victims of police violence, even though they are not responsible for the majority of the crimes, and the general population usually link the execution of crimes to black Americans. The main way in which racism is disseminated to the population is through media, a communication channel that frames the people’s mind with films and television programs that are tendentious to the segregational cause. The main reason for this racism, represented by the photograph with the aggression, is the lack of comfort that protests for racial equality bring for white people, creating racial stress and triggering violence. Definitely, racial equality is still utopian in the United States of America, and in order to make it possible, it will be necessary a change in the population’s mind.

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