Essay on The Myth Of A Post Racial Society

Essay on The Myth Of A Post Racial Society

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The Myth Of A Post-Racial Society
White! Black! Brown! Purple! There is no difference. All of these colors look different, but we all forget that they all fall under the same category. The world is made up of thousands of different cultures and of course, different races. We also live in a world with many problems and one of them being racism through-out a society or a single racist person. Racism has been around since the dawn of time. All through time there have been historical events that made a change in the view of racism to Americans, but these events did not make America a post-racial country. Americans have been fighting for the rights with violence for a post-racial country. This is because a post-racial country means less violence and equal rights. The only problem with fighting for a country where freedom takes place in every race is that people do it in an inefficient way, therefore; most confrontations lead to more controversy between races. A non-racial society in America is a myth and always will be unless people can fully expect each other for who they are and not the color of their skin. First, there is no point in fighting for rights if violence is involved. Secondly, when violence is not involved people are too stubborn to change. Lastly, racism isn 't just one sided. Disappointingly, people have never accepted other races and that causes more violence.
A recent example that highlights the fact that America has yet to become a post-racial society occurred on April 18, 2015, a riot broke out in Baltimore, Maryland. The riot was caused by an incident where a black man was killed by a white police officer. This caused people to think that the officer only did it because the other man was a different race. Wh...

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... and it is defined racist, but if a person of color degrades a white man society looks past it. It is true that the white culture has never experienced slavery or failed rights, but that doesn’t mean they have not experienced racism (What is White Privilege 2).
In closing, racism in America is a complicated issue that may or may not ever go away because of the act of violence, or the stubbornness of people and their beliefs towards racism. If everyone in society could understand that violence only puts people in jail, and looked up to role models like MLK, racism would not be as big as an issue.
Unfortunately, double standards, racist people, and violent outbreaks will prevent that from happening. Equality is important and every human deserves it. A post- racial society can be solved by everyone excepting people for who they are and not the color of their skin

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