The Mystery Of The Incarnation Essay

The Mystery Of The Incarnation Essay

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About Christ…
The mystery of the incarnation means that our humanity cannot comprehend the way Jesus Christ was fully divine and fully human. Within the person of Christ, there is a perfect union between two distinct essences, one is divine and one is human. For Christ to be the perfect human means he suffered and died, for Christ to be the perfect deity means he resurrected and conquered death for all. Christ, through the Spirit, is the way in which our humanity experiences the presence of God. We are able to stand in the presence of God because of Christ. God took on the form of a servant and was without sin. But because of his servant-taken-form, he was able to fully understand humanity. Jesus did not take away from or detract the glory of God in the incarnation, but in the form of a servant, He was able to grasp the sinfulness of man and became an offering for our sin.

About atonement…
Atonement, salvation, reconciliation, and redemption are all words used to describe the work Christ did to bring God and humanity together despite humanity’s attempts to run away. The Bible is one story from beginning to end of God putting his family back together. Atonement, Christ’s sacrifice, is the way in which God puts his family back together. God’s work through Christ is done on behalf of humanity and does not depend on humanity for completion. However Christ’s sacrifice created a possible and necessary response from humanity if the benefit of salvation is to be had.

About salvation…
Personal salvation is a gift given by the grace of God in which we do nothing to earn but accept by faith. Salvation is not a transaction but a way of living. It is an ongoing restoration of our souls, our lives, and the world. Salvation is not solely in...

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...h God along the journey which move us along and are not meant to substitute discipleship or transformation.

About New Creation…
The question “What happens when we die?” does not portray the entirety of the eschatology conversation. Jesus’ life, and the story of faith are about death and resurrection. Jesus lived as a human and died as a human, but was also resurrected in the bodily form. Bodily resurrection is hard to understand but without a bodily resurrection, we cannot say that Christ lived in the complete bodily form on earth. Bodily resurrection means there will be a new heaven and a new earth when Christ returns. God will make his reign over creation known both individually and in the cosmos, both in the soul and in the body. This is good news for us- it means there is hope for the world that, at the present, does not seem to be the way God intended it.

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