Essay about The Mystery Of Spies - Original Writing

Essay about The Mystery Of Spies - Original Writing

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always liked spies. Their mysterious, sleuth nature was something that I’d regularly try to imitate. I had a book from the school library that showed how popular tools were used by detectives to solve crimes, and it was the most fascinating thing that I had ever seen. I even got yelled at several times by parents and grandparents about making a mess in the house, because I had read that you could pick up fingerprints by using baby powder and scotch tape, and I was bound and determined to perfect that skill, no matter how much tape I wasted.
As I got older, my love of spies increased. A boy who had a crush on me in middle school gave me photocopies he had made of a spy how-to book he owned, and we read it and discussed it often. My parents fueled it even further by buying me one year for Christmas a set of spy tools aimed towards my age. It had a “night vision” scope (half a binocular with a laser pointer attached to the front), a listening device, a spy pen to record conversations, and motion detectors that played a loud screaming beep any time someone would look at it the wrong way. The motion detector always ran out of batteries suspiciously fast.
Another thing that I’ve always liked is computers and technology. I have long been the person in my house setting up routers, fixing printers, and showing my parents how to print things off on their laptop.
These loves of technology and spies have gotten me in trouble before. In middle school, we had a big desktop computer. It was the first computer my parents bought, and they got it sometime around when my sister was born in 1999. It had dial-up until the middle of 2005 or 2006. So it was very slow.
With all the time I spent waiting around fo...

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...elationship at times, and ever since I found those, I have held the belief that once my sister and I have moved out and are in college, they will get a divorce. I think this because during yet another sleuthing session (you would think I would have learned the last time), I found a paper that my mom had written for an assignment for a nursing psychology class she took. It was on a health study published about children who had divorced parents. It discussed the mental and physical consequences of that sort of strain and stress that a child goes through in a divorce. I don’t think that I’ll ever tell my parents about what I found, it’ll just remain a secret discovery I made.
I often wonder what it’s like for actual spies to deal with important and potentially dangerous secrets. They probably don’t get a lot of sleep and cry a lot, much like I did in the seventh grade.

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