The Mystery Of Ghosts And Haunted Houses Essay

The Mystery Of Ghosts And Haunted Houses Essay

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You’re home alone, in the middle of the night, and you get out of bed because you assume you hear footsteps in your kitchen, you get out of the bed and go into the kitchen to see a shocking sight; a shadow walking into the other room. You think you have witnessed a ghost in your own home; however scientists would declare it was just a hallucination. Millions of people around the world believe in ghosts and haunted houses; however scientists believe that there are far more “reasonable” explanations for what some believe “paranormal activity.” Ghosts are real and are a prominent part of life because they are the spirts or souls of a dead person who has not fully “moved on” quite yet.
There are many ghost stories that people around the world report about every day; however, there is one story that is known widely. The story about the killing in Amityville, Long Island is a horror story some people could never forget. In 1974 the DeFeo family was shot and killed with a high-powered rifle by Ronald (Butch) DeFeo Jr. The victims were his father Ronald DeFeo, 43, his mother, Louise, 24, two brothers John, 9, and Mark, 12, and two sisters Allison, 13 and Dawn, 18. After killing his own family Butch went to a neighborhood watering hole and screamed “Somebody shot my mother and father.” (Bovsun) Some regulars who were at the watering hole rushed to the house to investigate. When they arrived to the house the only sign of life was the family sheep dog who was barking uncontrollably. When they went inside the house they found his parents in bed with two bullets in the back of their heads. His brothers and sisters were also found shot and face down, with no sign of struggle. (Bovsun)
At first people felt sorry for the young man who just lo...

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...e direction, the table moved! This same concept applies to the Ouija Board. (Moore)
All of the theories that scientists have proved about ghosts to prove that ghost do not exist make sense to a millions of people who don’t believe in ghosts or spirts. And although scientists will do whatever it takes to prove that ghosts are not scientifically real, how do they prove something that can’t even be explained?
Millions of people around the world believe in ghosts, spirts, and haunted houses, including myself. There has been thousands of reports stating were people have seen, heard, or even felt the presence of a ghost. Although ghosts might be one of the hardest things to prove that are actually real in our world today, the experiences people say they have been through make myself and millions of other people a strong believer in what you call “paranormal activity.”

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