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Mystery And Mystery Novel Essay

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Imagine a dog lying dead in a yard. Most people would be curious and wonder how the dog was killed. Let’s assume it was murdered. Curiosity would strike most humans too who killed the dog, and how the dog was killed. Authors use the tool curiosity and mystery to create fantastic novels. An example of a detective novel that uses curiosity and mystery is “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.” A “mystery story” can be defined as “ a story whose plot revolves around the investigation and solving of a crime.” “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” also known as “The Curious Incident” does fall under the definition of a mystery story. The whole story revolves around Christopher, the main character of the book, trying to become a detective and solve a mystery of who killed a neighbor's dog. About halfway through the book, the mystery is solved. However, right before the mystery is solved the book takes a crazy turn and Christopher finds out another mystery that sets up the rest of the novel. There are many examples that prove why the book “The Curious Incident” is a detective or mystery novel. However, three main reasons are the title, the intensity or excitement, and the importance of the mysteries of the story. Detective novels are fascinating books to read, and these three main points just play a slight, yet important role in what makes them so extraordinary.
The title of the book is a very small reason that “The Curious Incident” is a novel. However, it has a lot of meaning without even opening up the paperback. The words “curious incident” is what gives away how this book is considered a detective book. Both of those words put together means an interest in an event or occurrence. So, the question is, ...

... middle of paper ...

...will not be very good. However, this is not the case for “The Curious Incident.” When Christopher finds out another mystery, immediately the old mystery was solved, which encouraged the reader to stay engaged. This also helped with making the book mainly focused on the mysteries. Since the book did a well-rounded job of this, it again proves itself a detective novel.
The title, the intensity and excitement, and the importance of the mysteries within the story are all ways that “The Curious Incident” proves to be a detective novel. However, these are only a few ways that prove it. A book that has the genre mystery is not too hard to comprehend. If a book has a mysterious clue, and the whole book is centered around it, then it is considered a mystery book. Since “The Curious Incident” has not one, but two mysteries centered around it, then it proves to be just that.

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