The Mysteries of the Egyptian Pyramids at Giza Essay

The Mysteries of the Egyptian Pyramids at Giza Essay

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Have you ever wondered how the Egyptian pyramids were built or even when they began? How they are so fascinating and yet remain a mystery? These well-built structures are located in Giza, Egypt, on the west bank of the Nile River. The pyramids are the oldest and last surviving member of ancient admiration. These monuments from ancient Egyptian times are massive, and were made for kings to be buried in and remembered by. These pyramids are a pride and one of the most important factors of the Egyptian culture.
Therefore, researchers find it hard to believe that these great structures could have been built in a pharaoh’s lifetime. Even though, the age of the pyramids has been long discussed, there is little proof to when the pyramids were built. For example, “According to the Smithsonian Museum the first smooth-sided pyramid was built during the reign of King Snefru, sometime between 2680-2560 BC,” (Parker). Notice how it has been said with a clue word “sometime”. Another misconception that has been long debated is who really built the pyramids. Many say that the pyramids were built by slaves. However, as said “It was confirmed as false when tombs containing the remains of the pyramid builders were found next to the pyramids at Giza,” (Laura). Therefore, ending the instigating idea that slaves build the monuments. Skeletons that were found on the inside of the pyramid are believed to be the skeletons of workers who labored on the pyramids all year long. Some debate that 100,000 people worked on these pyramids; others believe that it was more like 20,000 people who worked on these pyramids. They would like to know where they lived because the researchers think that it will help them find out more about these people, where they ...

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...ole gatherings of individuals who were then compelled to manufacture these substantial structures with regulators remaining over them with whips, driving them like dairy cattle to pull the huge stones into spot. While there was some subjection in Egypt, the pyramids were not constructed by slaves nor was there any wholesale subjugation of individuals in view of their skin color, religion, or ethnic foundation.
In conclusion, the pyramids of Egypt play an important and interesting factor in Egyptian culture, history, and religion. Although there are some things that still remain a mystery, there are some people who are out there dedicating their lives to find out more about the pyramids. It has an important significance and is far from being forgotten.

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