The Mysteries Of The Earth, Wind, And Fire Essay

The Mysteries Of The Earth, Wind, And Fire Essay

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Throughout time natives of various cultures have made their homes all over the world each with rich cultures and legends. It is because of these stories that help each civilization understand the mysteries of the earth, wind, and fire. Each different race having different origin stories for their reason of living gave them the feeling of purpose: the Aztecs believed that the gods gave their own blood sweat and tears to give humans the resources to live, the Romans believed that they descended from Romulus and Remus sons of gods, point of all this is that every race from around the world has stories. Stories of love and loss, stories of heroes and villains it is these stories that helped lead these culture to greatness and without the passing down of stories many people 's cultures would have been lost in time. Now it is a new age, an age where people get offended by images and words easily, an age where heroes of native descent are labeled racist or unnecessary. It is because of these images and stories that many children find Native Americans cool. Stories about the noble savage, the earth guru, and the hunter all the things men tell their children to act like. It is not an insult to wish to be like a race that is viewed as honorable and respectful. Modern storytelling use video games and comic books to tell of adventures of Native American heroes, and because of this the tribes indigenous to America should be proud of the positive image that was given to them even if it might not completely be true anymore, they should take all they can get by milking this concept for they have no time to be wasting since they make about .9 percent of the United States. To prove this the information that will be used from Charalambos Vrasidas T...

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...r own nations but how could they do this if they don’t swallow their pride and accept the positive stereotypes and use them to sell their own products and to create their own cartoons and comics. The first thing that should be done by the poor nations of the Native Americans not just one but all to be exact should rise up and be creative, use art and bring an indigenous renaissance that grabs people 's attention. Like Tal 'Set’ grandson Joshua Fireseed and next in line for the name of Turok says “Only the strong survive, to adapt is to survive. Use all that is given and never falter from the old ways. The bonds of family burn brighter than any star.” (Turok Son of Stone issue 34) To change is not giving up culture but preserving them while time passes. That is why These Positive Stereotypes are necessary for the people not just one but all who suffer from injustice.

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