Essay on The Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator

Essay on The Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator

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Throughout the beginning of this semester I have looked at how individuals behave within business organizations. Through various exercises and results, I have found a number of patterns within my behavior and interests. I have become aware what interests me, and a number of skills/abilities I was oblivious I had. This reflection and in class exercises has allowed me to expand my skills, abilities, and behaviors, well fitting them into prospective future employment.
The single most helpful and insightful exercise we have done throughout this course has been the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI). MBTI has helped me better understand who I am as a person and what strengths and weaknesses I have based on my results. It is crucial for success in college and beyond that I match my major and career to my personality. The results for the MBTI exercise gave me an ENTJ personality. The ENTJ personality type encompasses a person, who is outgoing, a visionary, argumentative, has a low tolerance for incompetence, and is often seen as a natural leader. I was slightly surprised with matching a personality of a visionary and a natural leader, and argumentative as these are traits that I have never associated with myself. However, in reflection of my past teamwork experiences in class, I am often one of the organizers and stronger voices, connecting me with being a natural leader. In reflection of past job experience, I found it related to a low tolerance for incompetency and also being a natural leader, but did not demonstrate being a visionary or argumentative. My past job experience includes refereeing youth soccer matches and serving at Anthony’s Beach Café. My experience refereeing youth soccer matches forced me to become a lead...

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...nt to any problem to look at it and communicate from multiple perspectives and being argumentative can do this. However, I need to be careful and understand that often my stance could be wrong or not the best option, and to have an open mind. My MBTI also suggested that I am a natural leader and able to converse in a business environment is critical to being a leader or manager. Communication with subordinates is parallel to success on all levels. My results for the communication style also correlated with my urge and interest to converse with others. The results showed when I communicate I am attentive, open, and relaxed more than any other categories. The attentiveness and ability to relax connects with my maturity in conversations with business professionals. Well being more open and unreserved correlates with my argumentativeness and ability to naturally lead.

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