The Myers Briggs Personality Assessment Essays

The Myers Briggs Personality Assessment Essays

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According to the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, my personality type is INTJ: Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. According to this assessment, judgment is my greatest characteristic (38%). Judgments are referred to descriptions that express our appraisals based on certain criteria. Judgments contain both facts and inferences. The purpose behind these actions is to express a verdict regarding what is happening, (Chaffee, 2004). Based also on the results of the Myers-Briggs, it could be said that inference is not a strong feature of my personality (intuitive 9%). Inference refers to beliefs that go beyond what can be seen. Moreover, inferences are predictions that individuals make in an attempt to determine what is currently unknown from what is known, (Chaffee, 2004). Additionally, according to the test my report feature is moderate: thinking (16%).

After rereading the results several times and pondering about it, I consider that the assessment has some accuracy. My style of conflict resolution could be compared as when a lawyer tries to defend his client. Amid conflict, ...

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