The Myer Briggs Types Indicator Essay

The Myer Briggs Types Indicator Essay

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt like you were over or under reacting? Have you ever been accused of being a fish out of its water? Have you had a phase in your life where you looked to someone around you and wished to be like them, more compatible to life? Most people have been there, and to that, the MBTI, the Myer Briggs Types Indicator: a website(1) representing an elaborate encyclopedia for all sixteen types of personality, provides and suggests an online free test to help the user get in touch with his/her personality and with the people surrounding them. The test and the results have a massive impact on the person’s understanding to human beings and life, and is by that a fascinating branch of science.
Some of the people who know about the MBTI do not acknowledge it as an assured field of science, so they either do not take the test or ignore the results; to assure them, scientists definitely recognize this study as branch of psychology. There is a considerable number of people who do not believe in the results of the test, simply because they think that the information provided is not scientifically proven. They usually defend their doubt by mentioning how the sample of people studied might have not included all the types of personalities that exist, and that each human being is unique and with non-likely-standardized characteristics. True, the first approach to personality study and types made by the German writer Jung around 1920 was not scientific. “Jung 's theory of psychological types was not based on controlled scientific studies but, instead, on clinical observation, introspection and anecdote—methods regarded as inconclusive in the modern field of scientific psychology.”(2) In 1917, Kather...

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...not only am I starting to embrace my whole, but I also am learning to like how different people are. Being okay with something and liking it are two different things and demand two different levels of understanding. As a bonus, I am enjoying following people around and analyzing their moves to conduct their patterns, thus their types. And lately, my conductive abilities, in this context, have been nothing but helpful.
When people ask you who you are and what you think of yourself, do you really want to tell them that you are funny, or smart, or sensitive? Is that all you are: an adjective, a limited combination of letters? You are more than that, and you owe it to yourself to know more about it. And though you share some features with people from the same type, you will always show unique behaviour and reactions; you will always represent an exceptional case of study.

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