The Myer Briggs Personality And Jung Typology Test My Personality Traits

The Myer Briggs Personality And Jung Typology Test My Personality Traits

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Through the completion of the Myer-Briggs Personality and Jung Typology Test my personality traits were defined. With the defined personality that was developed, I am able to clearly depict my strengths and weaknesses. By detailing each individual aspect of my personality, I was able to further develop an understanding of my personality and how it is influenced and its influences on others. In order to be an effective employee, co-worker, and manager, I need to be able to asses my personality and how it influences my work environment. Furthermore, in order to continue to succeed, I must be able to adapt my personality to the work environment and understand that my personality many not always relate to others. Through deciphering each aspect of my personality and the strengths and weaknesses, I am able to determine the necessary steps in order to continue to being an effective leader, manager, co-worker and person.

Step 1
The Myers-Briggs Personality test allowed me to learn and recognize my strengths, understand my personality, and required me to consider how I can strengthen my weaknesses and hone my strengths. I learned my personality is categorized as ISFJ, the nurturer.
I: Introverted
I was not surprised that I was categorized as introverted as I typically find energy and peace when I am alone. There are times I enjoy being in crowds or a large group of people, but I always look forward to being alone after such events. A majority of my tendencies and desires stem from those of an introvert, but I also find it very easy to talk with people and connect with a variety of individuals. I am very loyal and do find myself and strive to protect and connect with others. One of the greatest influences and weaknesses of my ...

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...nality affects them and also learn to use my communication techniques and relatability to allow for a better bond. Additionally, I learned that I need to continue to seek and set boundaries. Boundaries are very important, as I am a feeler and wish to connect with people on an emotional level. I also need to be more motivated to interact with others in the work place, not just my staff. During work gatherings, I should strive to put myself around others who are extroverted. In doing this, I will be able to stretch myself; not in an attempt to change my personality, but grow myself in different ways. Lastly, as I do tend to over-work and over-burden myself, I need to become more comfortable with saying no and being okay with not seeking other’s approval. This will allow me to remain more content and confident in myself and the strengths I am able to bring to the table.

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