Myanmar Political Crisis: Towards a Democratic Nation Essay

Myanmar Political Crisis: Towards a Democratic Nation Essay

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The purpose of this memo is to discuss the crisis in Myanmar, one of the ASEAN Member States. The situation in Myanmar has worsened after the election on 7 November 2010. It has claimed lots of lives and also has caused injuries to many people of Myanmar. This also has caused political instability in Myanmar. International media claimed that lack of coordination of the United Nations has caused this situation to happen. At this moment, ASEAN as a regional grouping which include Myanmar is being seen as the most suitable mediator in trying to find the solution to the problem. Decisions need to be taken on what course of actions those need to be taken in addressing this issue and to reduce the tension in Myanmar.
Two possible options that are viable currently are to integrate Myanmar through constructive engagement or to abolish the non interference policy in ASEAN. The first option will use a so called “soft approach” in helping Myanmar to overcome the situation. This will help Myanmar to maneuver in order to transform towards a democratic nations. On the other hand, the second option will require ASEAN to abolish the non interference policy which is seen no longer relevant in dealing with the problem in Myanmar. Considering both options will put ASEAN’s reputation at stake. As a reputable organization, ASEAN needs to unite in helping Myanmar solve the problem.
It is recommended that the ASEAN take the first option in dealing with the problems in Myanmar as this approach is seen to be more practical in dealing with the current government in Myanmar. Moreover, this proposal will include the lifting of sanctions towards Myanmar. ASEAN can be a mediator to both the government as well as an observer in ensuring the de...

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...oposal. ASEAN should use her as a factor to unite the people of Myanmar as well as giving her to chance to be included in the engagement.
It is obvious that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages in helping the Myanmar people towards achieving a democratic nation. ASEAN as a reputable organization can play a mediator role and leadership to Myanmar so that Myanmar could realize its dream. The stability in Myanmar can be translated into greater political engagement as well as higher growth in the regional economic relations.

Thank you.

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