Essay on My Year Of My Public School

Essay on My Year Of My Public School

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Others Scattered like Seeds of a Dandelion
This is the way I remember my last seven years of my public school. I attended a small rural middle school where we were fun loving, happy kids who did not judge anybody and did not worry about much of anything. In middle school, we were just kids having fun and learning all kinds of new things from algebra to how to use deodorant. It all seemed to change when we moved to a Columbia Public High School our freshman year. Everybody, even the students that moved with me, seemed uptight and less than friendly. My theory is that people are more alike as kids, and they just play and enjoy each other, but in high school, we all were growing up and developing as individuals. As individuals, most people chose to be around people like themselves and hung out with that group. We would never be kids again. As I progressed through high school, I came to realize that each of these groups had their own distinct characteristics, mostly because of pressure from either inside or outside the group to conform to their respective characteristics.
The popular group was the one group who, to me, stood out the most. This group generally wore nice clothes to school every day. The girl had fashionable clothes and shoes, but they still all looked alike in a way. The girls were generally attractive, and in my words, they were “fixed up.” In other words, they had their hair and makeup just right, but they were not overly made up. The guys in this group mostly dressed preppy or like a jock. The people in this group got elected to various positions. They made up most of the Student Council members, cheerleaders, and sports participants. People from all the groups voted for the people in this group, ...

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...ent off to private colleges to be social and learned that they were just a “little fish in a big sea.” The smart kids went off to college and learned that they were not only smart, but lots of people liked them for themselves and they could be the popular kid. Many of the “bad” group matured and figured out it was not that great to be “bad,” and some even became the popular kid. The Ag group is still in the middle, and they came to realize that Ag is not just a social group, but now is a professional group. They are the only group who still has many of the members together. Many of us, including me, are in Missouri Young Farmers Association, Collegiate FFA and other Ag related organizations. In many ways, they are still the Ag group. The Ag group’s members seem to be like glue while the other groups’ members have scattered like seeds of the dandelion.

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