My Writing Style Of An Web Site Essay

My Writing Style Of An Web Site Essay

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I am happy to be reviewing your portal. I learned from your process notes that what you want to portray is that this web site is a place to place your work. You also stated that the identity the portal creates for you is that you are a student. You have definitely succeeded in having your work displayed on the site. I liked how you gave a video for each of your examples on the multimodality essay, and I enjoyed how you posted a prompt about our assignment instead of just posting the essay. The visual elements added to the essay gives readers insight into what the essay will be about. The identity you created suits your site as well. The way you displayed the GGC mascot, and talked about our class allows the audience to know that you are indeed a student.
The writing style you used throughout the site is well written. I think you wrote better on your site than you think you did. I liked how you gave viewers insight into what you are using the site for. I do not see anything wrong with your background statement or your essay. I think it would be an enhancement if you added a bit more about yourself on the “About” page. I think you can give your audience more information about yourself, or about the class just to keep their interest. In my opinion, your web site is very well written, and the next assignment we have will only enhance it. Your paragraphs on the essay were spaced out well, and are legible for the reader to enjoy.
The initial reaction I got when I first looked at your homepage was the background. I really enjoy the landscape background that you chose. The mountains really caught my attention, and that’s a great key visual aspect to have for your viewers. The only drawback I had on the page was the whitespace where you...

... middle of paper ...

... your About page. You could add a sound clip, or music to engage the audience. I think the more concepts of multimodality you add the better off the site will be. I think it would be good for you to adventure more with this site. I feel like you could make it subtly pop a bit more. I do understand what you meant on your process notes about the organization of the site. It is hard to implement the organization, no clutter, empty space, and broken formatting. You did accomplish it even though it is hard to achieve with a new platform. The way your web site is set up, you would never think that you are inexperienced with web design. As the semester goes on I’m sure you’ll gain more insight into Weebly and become an experienced web designer by using this platform. Thank you again for letting me peer review your site and I hope my comments will help you with your portal.

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