Essay about My Writing Of My College Life

Essay about My Writing Of My College Life

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My college life started only a week after I arrived to the US and my first ever class was my English class. I didn 't think it would be hard for me because I thought I knew all about writing essays but I was completely wrong. There were many things to learn and numerous amounts of things I have never heard of but I tried my best and tried to maintain a good stance. We wrote several essays, which I think, helped my writing to improve. Of course I had several problems but I think those problems helped me improve. I picked a few problems I had to reflect on them. Most of my problems were problems because I was completely new to many things. I had trouble structuring the whole essay and thought about where to put what. Also, finding sources and including those sources in my essay was completely new for me so it took a while for me to get used to. Then again, peer review was completely new for me too and I thought it helped me in a several ways.
I have always had trouble putting my essay in structure because I tend to add ideas in the last minute without thinking through it and it totally...

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