Essay My Writing Of A Technical Writing

Essay My Writing Of A Technical Writing

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I work in a technical environment where the reading and writing process requires a technical train of thought and a technical writing format. For 20 years, I have been enveloped in reading that is mainly made up of technical schematics and technical theory. I have very little time for reading or writing outside of the workplace topics, or at least I thought I did. I am sure that I had time for reading and writing outside of the workplace environment, but it was difficult to make time for something that I spent most of my working day doing.
I have been working on revising my writing process in efforts to increase the effectiveness of my written communication. Over the years, I purchased and read several books that provided instruction on developing the writing skill in efforts to refine my writing process and skill. I use several different writing steps when developing a written communication; the one I use depends on the communication being made. If I am writing on a subject that I understand and can articulate, in most cases, my first draft will be the final message after it is proof read. This has been a detractor for me in developing a writing process that requires being creative. When I get up and go to work each day, I follow a process, a process that must follow a creative path. The process starts with a plan that is outlined in a way that I fully expect to change and it requires creative thought to drive it in a positive direction. I must be creative at work so I should be able to employ those creative skills while writing on a subject that I do not completely understand.
The start of my work day is a rough draft of what the day will be. I set a schedule and outline my intentions based off of what I need to ac...

... middle of paper ...

... that the intended audience understands. This is the process of getting things done when you have little to no control over the situational events that occur.
From start to finish, my working day varies as the seconds on a clock tick by. Things come and go from the spotlight at all times during the day; the multi-tasking can be overwhelming. The phone will ring, and the rough draft of the day will take new shape as priorities are realigned. Creative thought processes allow for effective engagement while modifying the predefined schedule on the fly. The work creates the day and the day is defined by the work. The day never seems to end; it seems to simply spill over to the next. Having the ability to deal with obstacles in my working day that require a creative reaction will, hopefully, allow me to build and develop a creative writing process that is effective.

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