Essay on My Writing : My Cheek Presses Against Cool Metal As I Peer

Essay on My Writing : My Cheek Presses Against Cool Metal As I Peer

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My cheek presses against cool metal as I peer, one eyed, through my viewfinder. I can feel my
breathing become deeper, a heavy rhythmic sound of the soul, as I concentrate to align several subtle
lines in my tunnel of vision with wrinkles on a man’s face. The weight of my camera presses down into
my raised arm, sending a creeping wave of heat through my muscles. The fingers of my left hand curl
around a textured silver ring which encircles my lens, turning it, releasing a near imperceptible string of
metallic pings. My concentration is so astute, my senses so sharp, that each ping is the sound of an
ancient grandfather clock, ringing through an echoed, empty house. My subject is brought, in small
degrees, from being blurry around the edges to sharper than reality itself. My five senses melt together
as the feel of cool textured metal, the sound of subtle mechanics and my vision slowly coming into
focus become one experience. I inhale deeply and slowly release air to steady my aim. I am lost in my
own breath.
I just have a love for cameras. The very first time that I saw the world through my father’s GAF
L-17 35mm film camera, I knew what the world was really supposed to look like; grainy, discolored
and sharply focused. The three dimensional lie that our senses fed us could never compare to the way
the lens gifted light directly to my eyes. The weight of this solid metal monster that could probably
survive a car crash was empowering, and the smooth motion of a steel and glass lens in my hand as it
telescoped was intoxicating. The best part was that I could control everything about the world around
me. Something too far away? With just a tweak of my wrist I was suddenly standing right next to it.
Too dark to see the expression on s...

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... standing over. These stories are
thousands of words long, and now immortalized forever in my heart. I keep these prints in a special
book, to be flipped through only when the deepest of nostalgia stirs. Even with time, they never lose
their dreamlike power.
Photography is more than a hobby for me. It carries me to captivating places, real and
imaginary. My soul can breathe deeply when I hold a camera and frame a shot, because I fall in love
with little things about the world that I otherwise wouldn 't pay any attention to. If only life were so
simple as a photograph. We could look at our problems through any lens we wanted. We could arrange
the subjects however we please, and even have multiple chances to get something right. And our
greatest dreams would come to fruition with just the crank of a knob, a push of a button, and the
comforting sound of a shutter. Click.

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