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My Writing : Hear Me Essay

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Hear me. So often in life, mundane things drown out the sound of my words. I sometimes feel as though my words are placed on a page and read for a grade, but I am never heard. I have been removed from my own writing and it is now something separate sharing no reflection of myself. I almost see it being critiqued. Her grammar is bad. She misused this word. She’s average, but not upper average. There is so much more to me that goes unexpressed; that sometimes I wish the other person could see.
I remember being in the second grade. I had homework every night, and on Tuesdays I had to handwrite three sentences. I always came up with something short, just enough to be marked complete. Now it feels the same. 750 words. Write about a given topic; and be sure to cover these given points. I have grown considerably over the years, as age and school will do to someone. My writing has become more elaborate. I now have a lot more content and “meat” if you will, in my sentences. I tend to have better grammar, longer sentences, complete thoughts, and spell-checker now-a-days, but I still have no voice that says “I’m in here.”
I sound like myself when I no longer worry about the formalities that take over my writing. When I’m texting I have this lackadaisical technique where I remove nearly all punctuation and insert smiley faces or emoticons. An example of this is a text I sent to my friend Sterling, “It did not do good things for my matchmaking career xD” (see appendix A). I also tend to text with excessive punctuation when I do choose to use it. I spend outrageous amounts of exclamation marks and question marks. It is very rare that I will send a single of either one. I tend to be excited when I text, and I like it when the reader gets a se...

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...e appendix C). When writing an essay, I usually begin with a very dry draft, go over it several times, and then ask others to do the same. This helps me focus on my word choice and catch basic mistakes. I do not generally put much emotion into my school work because I don’t want it to go unnoticed. I present myself in the way I feel the audience wants to see me.
This can be stressful because there are certain attributes of writing that are always elusive to me. There will always be someone who knows more than me, and often times that person isn’t particularly interested in who I sound like. In the end though, my writing is only as simple or complex as I choose it to be. It also can come from me. That is the wonder of this threshold. My writing is one of the rare and beautiful things in my life that I can take complete control over and complete responsibility for.

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