My Writing : Dating Your Writing Insecurities Essay example

My Writing : Dating Your Writing Insecurities Essay example

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Dating Your Writing Insecurities
No relationship is perfect. Even at the best of times, couples still have their differences. Even couples, who meet online and have almost identical profiles will still have their difficulties. I like to think of my writing insecurities as those types of relationships. My insecurities and I often have relationships that are filled with highs and lows. Now I know that this is a very unconventional way of describing my writing uncertainties, but I also know that this dramatization will show you the very dynamic of my relationship with writing. Now my first insecurity can be described as a never-ending bad date. It is one of those dates that you think has lasted a lifetime but actually it has only been a very long twenty minutes. In this date, you might have gotten along for a while, in fact, you thought it was going great, but them all of a sudden it went downhill and fast. This is the type of relationship that I have with commas. My second insecurity can be compared to the classic scenario of a bad match from online dating. When it comes to online dating, you are able to see everything about the other person. This makes it easy to see if you have things in common, or so you think. Often times upon meeting face to face you realize that you are on completely different pages. This reaction mirrors my writing insecurity about the readability of my papers. My last writing insecurity can be compared to the perfect date with the not so perfect guy. Almost everyone can say that they have been on a date that was close to perfect. The only thing that kept that date from being perfect was the person sitting across from them. Even the most romantic of evenings can be ruined if the person that you are on a d...

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... is easy to see the potential in my writing abilities but that I lack attention to the small details, which end up being the most important. I know that the only way to conquer my writing insecurities is to “date” them. By dating my writing insecurities, I am able to attempt them repeatedly. I am able to work on my comma skills until our date has a happy ending. I am able to work on better communicating my ideas thus taking my paper from a “Catfish” to a real life success. In addition to that, I am finally able to concentrate on all the small things that go into my writing, making writing a paper the perfect date with the perfect person. By now, you probably know more about my dating and life and writing insecurities than you ever wanted too. However, with this understanding, I know that one day I will conquer my comma, readability, and accuracy writing insecurities.

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