Essay about My Writing Class On Gender And The Workplace

Essay about My Writing Class On Gender And The Workplace

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As a topic that exists in today 's society I chose to conduct two separate interviews for my writing class on "Gender and the workplace" , I interviewed Brittany Smith , who’s a women supervisor for GM (General Motors). As well as a Johnnie O 'Bannon, Who 's a manager for General Motors. Their “Experiences” differs between gender and workplace plays a major role on both women and men, and although O 'bannon and Smith doesn’t experience the same things everyday at their workplace, they have had similar experiences, used to work as regular employees before actually moving up, and has had related issues in the past, so it seemed like they have a good understanding of gender roles and work places. As it turned out, they both had bad experiences as well as good experiences on several different occasions behalf of their other employees and I also found out that they both had times where they had difficulty times.

Smith and O 'Bannon started the interview by asking what main points I was trying to reach; this helped me conduct questions I needed answered because I was just planni...

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