My Writing And Analytical Skills Essay

My Writing And Analytical Skills Essay

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Throughout this semester in English 102, I feel that my writing and analytical skills have improved. I have always had trouble in writing ever since I was young kid. In my essays I would have words misspelled or my sentences would not flow because I would leave words left out. This course has taught me to always revise my essay and read it out loud to check for mistakes. I have also really learned to analysis different things like advertisements, books, articles, and other things that were assigned throughout this course. The analytical skills I have gained have helped me understand what actually something is saying when I read it. It has also improved my writing skills because being able to analysis what a book is saying, I can fully explain to a reader in my essay what is happening without have them read the book.
The things that have been the most beneficial to me throughout the semester would be the paper assignments, group work, and some of the readings. The three written essay I had to do were the most impactful in my writing skill because that was when I was able to show my writing abilities and see how they have improved throughout the semester. From the first essay on rhetorical analysis I thought this essay was the easiest to understand and would be my best grade out of the three essays. On the downside this was the essay that I received the lowest grade out of the three. The rhetorical analysis as an essay prompt for this course was beneficial to me for the reason that it made me look into advertisements past what the natural eye can see, but to try to dig deeper and see what else the company is trying to sell a viewer. This helped me think more on a critical level when reading or looking at an advertisement. The essa...

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... received better grades on each essay ending with a 90% on the public argument paper which was my best one. On the other hand reflecting back right now, I feel that if I had started my papers more in advance I could have started out this semester with better grades on each assignment possibly ending the year with an “A” in English 102.
Overall my experience in English 102 was what I had thought it would be. Now knowing what the course is like, if I could re take it again I would only change how I approach each paper assignment and start them earlier. My in class participation as a student was not very active, but I feel that I still would have receive the same information as if I had participated more. The effort I had put into this course was and is what I got out of it. English 102 was designed in a way that did in fact help me become a better writer in the end.

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