Essay on My Writing Abilities Was The Reason I Enrolled

Essay on My Writing Abilities Was The Reason I Enrolled

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Expanding my writing abilities was the reason I enrolled in English 101A. This introductory to college writing would a strong emphasis on critical thinking, reading and writing giving me the necessary skills to improve my writing skills.
When I arrived to English 101A, I realized that there was more to writing than putting words on paper. However, during this course, the Professor gave the class oral and written instructions on the foundation of English grammar as it relates to sentence structure, punctuation, and dictation, which are key to writing a good essay.
In this, class I learned a lot about the different styles of writing. For instance, I have written many types of essays; narrative, argumentative, and cause-and-effect. With those different essays, I learn what is and is not right. In most cases, the techniques built upon each other. Every essay comes with the MLA format. This information is very relevant to any paper I might write for a class in the future. The compilation of knowledge this class has given me fits together like a puzzle. We could brainstorm, and then...

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