Essay on My Work For A Nursing Home Management Company

Essay on My Work For A Nursing Home Management Company

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The organization I work for is a nursing home management company. That’s the simple definition. Health Services Management Group manages of the operations of eleven (11) skilled nursing facilities (SNF), and three (3) home health agencies (HHA). Each of the SNFs and HHAs are operated/licensed by a single purpose entity. Of these long term care providers, one (1) SNF and two (2) HHAs are operated as non-profit organizations. The purpose of the non-profit providers, ultimately, is to fund The Trousdale School. “Trousdale School serves high functioning adults with intellectual disabilities, providing academics and life skills for the purpose of learning independence.” 1
Tom Johnson, the chief manager of Health Services Management Group, has a
daughter with Down Syndrome. He began The Trousdale School with a mission to provide an empowering environment for her to reach her potential. Mr. Johnson was dissatisfied with the options for her education, skill building, social environment and care as she aged. The Trousdale School is an innovative school. The state of Tennessee is currently working with Mr. Johnson to develop a category in which to place this program for regulatory purposes. The state of Tennessee is also asking Mr. Johnson to assist with the development of other similar establishments.
Prior to establishing Health Services Management Group and The Trousdale School, Mr. Johnson worked in finance with other providers in the nursing home industry. He acquired an established non-profit provider out of Wisconsin in order to fund the school. Although he worked in the industry, this was his first attempt at operating long term care facilities on his own. His approach has been a success. He has acquired other long term care prov...

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...e key to developing a “good to great” company as described by Jim Collins.5
In conclusion, the facilities managed by Health Services Management Group have a 20% opportunity for increasing cash flow. There are no substantial additional expenses to operate at 80% occupancy as to operate at 100%. This demonstrates the potential to harvest more funds which will affect the entire food chain. Increased cash flow will allow for more prompt vendor payments; will reduce late loan payments; will ensure that payroll and benefits programs are being met in a timely manner; will allow capital for improving programs and physical spaces; will present opportunities for additional jobs and employee advancements; will produce more income for shareholders and will ultimately produce more capital for the mission of The Trousdale School, the original purpose of Mr. Johnson’s organization.

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