My Work Experience has Led Me to My Career Today Essay

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During my thirty-six years in the work force, I have worked for many different businesses, performed a plethora of different job duties, and I have been introduced to a wide variety of different management styles from the management teams that I have worked for. Each management style was varied but the end result was the same at the end of the day, to get the job done. Through these different management styles I have been introduced to, I have developed my sense of a good personal management style. During this paper, I will look at some of the great managers and not so great managers that have helped me to develop my management style.

When I turned sixteen and started to drive, I had to get a job to pay from my gas and spending money. My dad though this would help me learn about money and start to learn a work ethic. His planned helped to path my career. I got a job at Johnstone Supply Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Todd was the manager and took me under his wing. He literally taught me how to work form mopping, packing orders, unloading trucks, and customer service. He also told me when I messing up and helped me get back on the right path. Todd was a very effective leader to me and will always have my thanks to show me the real world.

My next leader was not an effective leader but helped me in business and my personal life by showing me how not to lead a team or treat people. After I graduated, I went to work for Office Depot as a “picker” which gathered customers delivery orders and boxed them for delivery the next day. My supervisor at the time was a much older gentleman and seemed very bitter. He only supervised two other people and had to pick orders himself along with us. He talked down to us and even...

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...ed at another casino now.
After Osage Casino, I am now employed at River Spirit Casino and could not be happier. My supervisor is a great leader and loves passing on her knowledge and is trying to teach me all the workings of worker’s compensation that she can.. She has built a great team and we all compliment her weaknesses. She is not good at building reports or computers and the department was using excel to have a log of medical reports. She asked me during my interview what they could do about that. I told her that they need a database to do all their stuff in and that they could data mine a lot better with a database. When they hired me on that was my first objective assigned to me. She gave free reign over the project and allowed for all the time i need to complete it. I completed in about a month and we are still using it and updating it as needed.

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