My Work As A Licensed Massage Therapist Essay

My Work As A Licensed Massage Therapist Essay

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Professionals are labeled as such because they can be recognized for their strong work ethic, a wealth of experience, and an exemplary dedication to their field. They are outstanding individuals who choose to embody their profession. My experience with many physical therapists has led me to see them as so much more. Not only are they respected experts in the health field, but they have a deep desire to improve the health and livelihood of others through empathy and education. Students in the DPT program should expect nothing less than to emulate the professionalism that people seek out in the PT field. Students should strive for a deep education and strong communication; demonstrating creativity, empathy, and altruism. Just as PT 's will use their unique experiences to shape their treatment, students should blend their unique life experience into their education.
I feel that much of my life carries over and blends well into the PT field. I already have years of schooling behind soft tissue dysfunction and treatment from both a trade certificate and continuing educatio...

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