My Wellness Goal Is Lower My Anxiety Essay

My Wellness Goal Is Lower My Anxiety Essay

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My wellness goal is lower my anxiety. In my paper, I will identify where in the process by Prochaska, and DiClemente I fit. It will also include a plan to achieve my ultimate wellness goal, my strengths and weakness’ that contribute to my goal. I also will include how this will enhance my life overall. Looking up what emotional wellness is you would come up with a definition of a psychological state of well-being with personal growth. One of the main causes of emotional health is stress levels. There is an uncountable number of stress factors in our lives, but in my life, my stress is high constantly. Many of my most stressful days start with thinking about school, and the fear of failing constantly.
My wellness goal is to boost my emotions and self-confidence. I am very good at letting my thoughts take over my mind, where I cannot get anything done. My anxiety is a big factor, and many things worry me to the point of feeling sick. Emotional wellness is made up of positivity, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-control, acceptance of who you are, maintaining strong relationships, and many more factors. Emotional wellness is important to me because many days I have low self-confidence and high anxiety. Things such as talking to new people, starting a new job, to simple things as being called on by a professor make my anxiety run wild.
I would say in relation to the stages of change I would be in the stage of contemplation. I definitely have become aware that a problem exists, and want to seriously make changes for my well-being. It is important to have self-confidence for many reasons, but for my, it is essential for my confidence lacks and anxiety arises in school, and work, and those are places I need to have the confidence ...

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...p for success. The person who will help me out the most will be my mom. She knows everything about me, and no one better to help me overcome the stress in my life than the person I could tell every fear, and stressful moment in my life to. My mom has always been my best friend, I have cried on my mom’s shoulder many times about school and work. She also is good at helping me achieve a goal, as my biggest supporter, and the person who loves me the most she cares very much about my well-being. So she is going to be the one who makes sure I stay on track with my goal and my plan. To measure my goal each day I will write out what is stressing me out and with the time set aside for me, by the end of month or a few months I hope, and will see if the steps in my plan work by having a very small list of things that give me overwhelming anxiety compared to my very first list.

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