My Wedding At Indiana University East Featuring Daya And Somo

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On September 29th, 2016 I took my niece to her very first concert for her birthday. The concert took place locally at Indiana University East featuring Daya and SoMO. To be honest I had only heard a few songs by Daya and was not quite sure if I had heard any music by SoMo. Both musicians were entertaining but because I am somewhat more familiar with Daya’s music and she performed originals, I am going to focus on her performance. Daya is the stage name for Grace Martine Tandon. She is from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and has been interested in music from a very young age. Daya is a singer and songwriter with a wide range of musical ability. She learned to play the piano performing in many styles from classical to jazz. The guitar and ukulele are a couple of other instruments that she has learned to play. Her music is categorized in the pop, synthesized, and electronic genres. The few popular songs played on the radio, I believe are all in verse/chorus form. Daya’s music does put to use the advances in modern digital technology incorporating synthesized electronic sounds with vocals and other instruments all using amplification. Many subgenres of electronica have been becoming increasingly popular today, and Daya has integrated this into her music giving it a current, energetic sound. She does what so many others before her have done with popular music by incorporating different sounds and styles from other genres into her music, such as R&B and indie styles. Daya’s performance for the IU East event followed SoMo’s highly energetic and seductive performance. While most of his music was covers and a few originals had suggestive lyrics about women and partying, Daya’s songs were originals that had a message of individuality and empower... ... middle of paper ... ...e radio, male or female, could enjoy. A person could dance to some of her music and then enjoy her singer/songwriter solo performance. Daya’s music that can be heard on the radio does have a touch of electronica, which is popular today. This popularity has won Daya several nominations and awards. Her song, “Hide Away,” went from gold to platinum in a single month. This song has been streamed on many sites and has been featured on many charts, including #23 on the Billboard’s Hot 100. “Don’t Let Me Down,” is song that was nominated for the American Music Awards Collaboration of the Year, which was by the Chainsmokers and featured Daya. This song was also #23 on the Billboard’s Hot 100. Another of Daya’s songs that made in it to #28 of the Billboard’s Hot 100 was “Sit Still Look Pretty,” She was also a performer at this year’s 2016, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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